Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm a Grandma Already

For those of you who don't know, my daughter proudly welcomed a daughter of her own into the world this week. Weighing a scant 12 and 1/2 ounces and measuring 9 inches, Sephira has thoughtfully named her first born "baby baby". The unwrapping of the package started in the late afternoon and was an enviously quick and painless delivery.

"Baby Baby" accompanies Sephira everywhere. Sephira demands a diaper change first thing in the morning, not for herself but for her tiny infant. When she gets into her high chair, "Baby Baby" is right there next to her and yes, she gets a plate of her own. "Baby Baby sits on the potty after Sephira, brushes her teeth with Sephira, reads books, takes rides in her new baby stroller (and Sephira will push her around for MILES... I'm the only mom on campus walking a baby who's pushing a baby).

But here's my problem. When baby was first born, she had this adorable little habit of saying "mama" whenever you squeezed her tummy. But not long after, that all changed. Sephira managed to push or pull or twist something (or the devil is playing games with me) but one morning when baby woke up she did not say "mama". Baby said "dada". Now I have pushed, prodded, poked and disassembled baby but have not been able to convince her to say anything else. "Dada" she says cheerfully as I stand at the sink doing dishes. "Where" I ask, excitedly looking around the room. Oh, you were kidding... thanks baby. "Dada" she calls as I drag the garbage out the door. "Keep calling kid", I reply. "Maybe he'll hear you. "Dada" she hollers as I blindly reach into the fuse box, trying to figure out why there aren't any lights on in the house. "Dada, dada, dada!", baby is relentless. She's mocking me, I'm sure of it. What more does she want? Why is she doing this to me? WHY? I am tempted at moments to "accidentally forget" baby while we are playing outside or maybe she could just "accidentally" take a fall out the window. But Sephira loves baby. And there is this very strange ironic twist that just as I am mommy and daddy for my little girl, she is now addressed as mama and dada herself. She doesn't know the difference, just that baby loves her very much. I think about this as I open up a box of crackers for her. "Pease" she asks as she holds out a hand. I fill it "Baby" she asks holding out her other hand. I oblige and give her a smaller cracker for baby. "Tade-u" she says as she runs off to feed her baby. In her excitement, she forgets and pops both crackers in her mouth... it's a good thing baby's tummy is only pretend.

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