Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We went to dinner at the Quarry last night. There's always a piano player on the baby grand in the corner, which Sephira loves. Last night, he serenaded Sephira to Elton John's "Your Song"- It has gone on the top 10 favorite moments of my life. The look on her face as she sat enraptured without a word or movement through the entire song was indescribable and completely delicious. She gets music. It's in her. It is what conceived her and I know it will be a major part of her life. That's girl's gonna make some music!


zen said...

and what a great song to be enraptured by. I play it for my wife helen and neither of our eyes are dry by the time i finish.

Gratuitous said...

I'm reminded of my own daughter and her enrapture some years ago. We were at the Hostel in the Forest, and some of my friends thought it'd be nice for my darling Miya to be visited by a faerie. While I held her as the sun set, mysterious flute music seemed to emanate from the surrounding forest. And then, a magical being (Katie in full faerie makeup and wings, holding candles) appeared out of the darkness, twirling and dancing. Miya waved in that sweet hand-open-and-shut way that toddlers do, and all was quiet. The faerie slowly faded into the night, and just then, in the stillest moment that I have ever experienced, she whispered "bye-bye."